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Register your company at the trade register in Holland , the Netherlands


New! Amsterdam Offices

We guide you and serve your Company address. Free service for the registration of your company at the trade register. Registration address in Holland / the Netherlands at only  29,50 euro including full price match guarantee.

We can help you for the companies address in need of start-up, liquidation, new companies, branch offices, internet shops, domicile needs and more! Feel free to visit out international (English) website

Prices are including digital post forwarding by email and desk services trough the Netherlands.

Visit our newest office in Amsterdam

Please e-mail us post@registratie-adres.nl for full information in English or 

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We can do more than a postbox  but we are not a Trust office.

However we respect your privacy and we deliver our service with high confidentiality we help you to find the best option for the registration (address) for the company we have some requirements like full identification and we are not in to fake address services. Feel free to visit out international (English) website

The addresses are for official post delivery receiving and official company registration at the trade register. We only use locations at reputable business centres or smart working locations


Company registration address in the Netherlands at less then 20 euro!

Registration Addresses throughout the Netherlands, Amsterdam, Schiphol Area, Haarlem, Eindhoven, Rotterdam area