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Return and pick-up service (localization) from 79 euros pm

Fulfillment from 69 euros per month

To localize your company or webshop you need a local address, it can also be useful to have a local representative. For example, it is possible that your products can be returned to a local address, and collection of products is also handy to offer.

A localized site creates trust and makes the local customer feel comfortable. This increases sales, helps to win new customers, promotes word of mouth and encourages existing customers to come back. Factors that can cause frustration, such as too long delivery times, shipping costs and misery with international payments, can also be prevented. If the customer finds and understands a person on the spot, then satisfaction increases.

With our return and collection services you have a local return address, which builds trust, when the products arrive we make sure it is the right product and that it arrived undamaged. Then we can store it, destroy it, or send it to you, exactly as you prefer.

Also for the webshops, we can pack orders from your own storage and send them from our location, with your own packaging.

Permanent Establishment: from 130 euros pm

As a foreign company or during a move you need an address, postal address and/or registration address, a branch to profile your company in the Netherlands, or to register your company with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK). Whether this is a sole proprietorship, BV or foundation, you always need an address to register your company with the Chamber of Commerce! Under the current treaties, a permanent establishment is sometimes required.

A permanent establishment is more than just business space; it must have sufficient facilities to operate as an independent company. However, there is also a permanent establishment if an employee is a ‘permanent representative’. In practice, a so-called permanent establishment means: an employee who, on the basis of an implicit or explicit power of attorney, is authorized to conclude legally binding contracts on behalf of the underlying company and who does so on a regular basis.

We can arrange that, including a bookkeeper or accountant if necessary, the establishment of a legal entity, and/or other corporate services.

Workshops and courses, Exhibiting and exhibiting:  

For the artists, studios, meetings and workshops we have a per day part and also a strip card scheme. You can furnish the space as you wish during your event. from 30 euros per half day

Full time: You get 24/7 access to the spacious and all its facilities, and you can furnish the space as you wish. from 240 euros per month

Fixed Rent from 300 euros per month

Customized solutions are also negotiable, just contact us below.